21 de julho de 2009

Demi Lovato em 1# + Actualizaçao das mensagens do Twitter

CHEGOU O GRANDE DIA!Hoje saiu oficialmente o novo album da Demi Lovato 'Here We Go Again' e ja conquistou o 1º lugar no iTunes.
Aqui vai uma actualizaçao do twitter:
johncmayerAND...AND... @ddlovato has a new record out that I co-wrote a song on. She's super talented and soon-to-be mega talented.
johncmayerI say "soon-to-be" because I want to piss her off and keep her on her toes.

ddlovato@johncmayer hahahaha thaaaanks.. just kidding :D Thank you seriously, you're the best.

johncmayer@ddlovato it's an incredibly difficult task, to grow as an artist while the world watches and listens. I know you have the soul-GPS!!
johncmayer@ddlovato I'm listening to the unauthorized deluxe version of "Here We Go Again" with "Shut Up And Love Me" on it. :)

ddlovato@johncmayer YES! I cannot WAIT to release that song... you know.. in like 30 years... haha.
ddlovato@johncmayer Yehh.. It's hard, but I'm managing! (With the help of my new rockstar mentor of course.) Now I'm listening to it! Haha

ddlovatoAHHHH!!! #1 ON iTUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are amazing!!!!!! :D

mileycyrus@ddlovato I loveeeee you! I know everyones been congratulating on being 1# but I wanted to join the club :)

PerezHiltonSo whose album are you gonna buy today, Jordin Sparks' or Demi Lovato? Both? Neither? Demi? Jordin?


E o ~ex-namorado~ diz que vai comprar tambem o album!:

TraceCyrusYou heard what I last said. Pick up that album tomorrow. There is no denying it will be beyond amazing. A very exciting day for her.

Ps: Parabens Demi :D

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